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My name is Don Porfirio, but you can call me DON. For many years I have been sick with Motion Sickness. Yes, this sickness is contagious, you might say it's like a virus. It consumes me and controls me, like a giant snake that calls me. Gets me moving really fast, like a Big Bang in my mind. Since I'm sick nothing is the same, I see reality in a whole new way. I can now create new dimensions, without any scientific inventions. Gets me moving really fast, like a Big Bang in my mind. Now this syndrome is my life, come and join me if you dare. I am sick and I am glad. After all… it isn't bad. BECAUSE STANDING STILL WE WON'T GO ANYWHERE.



Mi nombre es Don Porfirio, pero tú puedes llamarme DON. Durante muchos años he estado enfermo de Motion Sickness. Sí, esta enfermedad es contagiosa, yo diría incluso peligrosa. Me domina y me hipnotiza, como una gran serpiente escurridiza. Me hace mover de forma diferente, es como un Big Bang dentro de mi mente. Desde que estoy enfermo nada es lo mismo, veo la realidad con un nuevo dinamismo. Puedo crear nuevas dimensiones, no necesito de científicos o de otras invenciones. Este síndrome me ha transformado, atrévete y quizá puedas ser contagiado. Estoy enfermo y me gusta, después de todo ya nada me asusta.



  • Roberto Puig

    Founder | Creative Director

    The Big Kahuna. With over 20 years of experience as a graphic designer and animator, Roberto is always involved in our creative process bringing his unique vision and expertise to the table. He also challenges us to Street Fighter from time to time.


    Partner | Studio Manager

    Our Gold Keeper. With her amazing financial skills, Ariana helps to keep things runnig smoothly in Wonder Land. She also enjoys taking the entire team to the movies on working hours.



    As our main studio producer, she is deeply involved in the production of every project, creating long lasting relationships with our clients trough great working experiences. From Xalapa Veracruz, Perla puts the X on extraordinary. Plus, she gives away golden awards to our artists of the month...every month.


    Creative Director

    Without a question one of our brightest minds. From Guadalajara Mexico, Marco is highly commited to the creative excellence of every project he is in charge of, a true believer in the power of stories. He´s also the creator of the Donpor-Fit initiative, keeping designers and animators in shape three times a week.


    3D Animation Director

    From Puebla Mexico, Greck is our incredibly talented, strongly passioned, detail obssesed, ¨makes me want to shoot myself¨ studio 3D gurú. We all want to be like Greck.


    Art Director

    A local talent best known in the underground scene of digital illustration as ¨SR. ADEREZO¨ for it´s amazing art inspired in all kinds of unhealty food, Misael is the creative mind behind the art direction of every single project specially when it comes down to create original, fun, loving characters.
    He also has the most incredible collection of weird socks.

  • Andros Aridjis

    2D Animator

  • Andrew Ceballos

    Motion Designer

  • Ana Chavana


  • Carolina Cochegrus

    Digital Marketing

  • Leo Del Moral

    3D Animator

  • Isaac Fragoso

    Texturing and Lighting Artist

  • Raquel Gongora


  • Emiliano Melendrez

    3D Animator

  • Mildred Paredes

    Support Manager

  • Aleks Partida

    2D Animator

  • Victor Pereira

    2D Animator

  • Alberto Pesina

    3D Animator

  • Ara Ranii

    Texturing and Lighting Artist

  • Jose Segovia


  • Bernardo Torres

    Motion Designer

  • David Vazquez

    3D Animator